Escape game Hangover

Company: Escape Room Israel


Ha-Mefalsim 6 Petah Tikva ()


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You've just woken up in a luxurious loft, with a crazy hangover and a vague memory of last nights bachelor party. You recall a few (too many) drinks, some shots… after that nothing.
But today is the big day and you have a wedding to get to! You look over at the clock and OMG you've overslept and the wedding starts in exactly 60 minutes!You've got to try to get your act together and find everyone, but to add to your problems - your room is locked!!The only way for you to get out the room is to figure out what the hell happened last night.
Do you think you can make it to the wedding on time?
Are you sure you wanna know what really happened last night?...


Kids version available.

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