Escape game Prison Break

Company: Escape Room Israel


Etsel 6 Rishon LeTsiyon ()


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You are accused of one of the greatest crimes in the history of Israel, “The Robbery of the Century”.
Heisting the home of the famous Prof. Swharzengold, who received a very large cash prize and kept it in his small apartment in Tel Aviv. We do not know whether you truly have committed the crime, but with the evidence gathered and that fabricated by the police, the court decided to sentence you to life penalty in the cruelest and most secure prison in the country: Prison 6 at Etzel 6.
As you were losing hope to see your home again, something unusual happened. The prison administration received intel that a small group of prisoners planned an escape in the next hour.
Therefore, before a detailed investigation can be conducted on the matter, the management decided to transfer those prisoners to new cells to prevent their escape. And you are going to be put it that cell where everything is ready to break out!


There are two identical rooms for 8 players each. Kids version is also available.

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