Escape game Agents

Company: Escape Room Israel


David Saharov 17 Rishon LeTsiyon ()


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Urgent security warning arrived at Shabak headquarters.
Intelligence Unit reports about the enemy's intention to carry out a mega-attack in Tel Aviv. According to our information Hamas is planning the launch of a Fajr-5, a long-range missile, with a chemical warhead. The rocket is positioned in one of the mosques in the Gaza Strip and is aimed at the Tel Aviv area.
You are part of the Elite Unit that specializes in dealing with problems of this type by infiltration and assimilation into enemy territory. All instructions will be provided at the briefing before leaving for the field. Your mission is to penetrate the site without revealing your identity and prevent the launch at any cost. Your time is very short.
Will you succeed in preventing Israel's “9/11"?

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