Escape game The Saw

Company: Escape Room Israel


David Saharov 17 Rishon LeTsiyon ()


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You open your eyes and find yourself handcuffed in a locked room with several other people. The lighting is low, but you recognize them all. This is the group of your close friends. But why are you all here? Why handcuffed? What did you do?
Suddenly a cold and chilling voice begins to tell you all the bad things that you done for which you don’t derive to live.
What? Why? Who is he to judge at all?
The voice does not address your panic and only informs you that you all have only one chance to stay alive. Will you take this opportunity save yourself and sacrifice your friends? If so you will have to do some things that are contrary to the human instinct. You have only 60 minutes to decide whether life or death is at the end.

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