Escape game Strange Case

Company: 5959 Escape Rooms


Aristobulus 2 Jerusalem ()


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Dr. Jekyll, a respected gentleman, made an amazing discovery: each person has a good and a bad personality, that can be switched from one to another via medical influences. Dr. Jekyll invents a unique potion that allows to temporarily suppress the good personality and decides to test it himself… This is how Mr. Hyde – Jekyll’s alter ego, a gloomy and cruel character, is born… No one has seen Dr. Jekyll ever since. London, nowadays. You are tourists trying to get in out of the sudden downpour. You enter an old house and realize that there is still someone living there. Yes, this is the same old house of Dr. Jekyll… There are numerous riddles and clues to them in the room, and you should be smart enough to solve these riddles during an hour, steal Dr. Jekyll’s potion and try not to become the next victims of the bloodthirsty Mr. Hyde…

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