Escape game The Robbery of the Century

Company: Escape Room Israel


Derech Hevron 105 Jerusalem ()


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You and your team are planning The Robbery of The Century: to rip off the apartment of one crazy scientist who recently received the largest cash prize in the history of Israel. From reliable sources, you know that he doesn't trust his money to banks and prefers to keep all the cash at home. The catch is that he almost never leaves his apartment, even for 5 minutes.
A moment ago you received information that the scientist left, but will return in exactly 60 minutes from now. You need to act immediately! You can't even imagine all the surprises that are waiting for you inside. But if you are well prepared and have a smart team, then you have every chance to come back alive, free and rich!


There are two identical rooms for 6 players each. Kids version is also available.

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